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Lily Lolo is a mineral makeup brand which is among the finest British brands, and generally it’s the finest makeup brand! Their products are synthetic-free, ethically-sourced, fragrance-free (wow!), vegan-friendly ( around 90% of the products are vegan free, even their foundation), dye-free has come to cult-status. 

Among all the mineral makeup brands Lily Lolo was the first. I used them about 10 years ago, since then I have been using its products every now and then. 

I have turned to Lily Lolo again because I want to create a minimum makeup collection which only has the products which are performing best and also, which are most sustainable and ethical. Now that post is presently in the process however I have few amazing organic, ethical skincare product suggestions in this article. 

If you wish to save some money on such a luxurious range, do take some benefit of Lily Lolo Coupon Codes 2020.

Every woman wants a range of make-up that is not harmful for the skin. Make-up products that have many chemicals results in dull, blemished, and dark skin after some time. 

Thus, in this post, you’ll get to know about the mineral make-up collection of Lily Lolo. It is a range of plush and purely natural makeup (100%) via London, and now in Canada and the US. 

Review of Lily Lolo’s Mineral Foundation (and how to use it):

Lily Lolo’s best thing is that one is allowed to purchase samples. Makeup brands should do samples, please! These samples will give sufficient product in order to properly test it, well thanks.

I bought Lily Lolo’s Mineral Foundation with SPF15 in the two lightest shades. Named China doll and Porcelain. Both of these shades possess neutral undertones (it’s not very cool/pink or very yellow/warm). I’m very pale and unfortunately Porcelain which is the lightest shade for me is very light but China Doll is just perfect. 

Powder foundation by Lily Lolo is amazingly fine grinded that gives a flawless finish. The coverage can be customised very easily and in my opinion it looks perfect when a smoothing primer is applied to the skin. Even moisturised skin in order reduces the catching of powder on the dry patches. Its powder is grinded so finely that it does not highlight dry patch pores.

I purchased a mini kabuki brush by Lily Lolo to apply with it their mineral foundation, I’m really happy that I did! It’s an adorable little brush. The size of the brush is just perfect for a more specific application it also easily gets into the nose creases. 

The brush is very soft with sufficient tension for making the powder application very even and easy. To have a coverage between light to medium I swirl the powder with the kabuki brush onto my skin.

To get  full coverage I use the sponge to get the best result. There’s also a sponge by Lily Lolo which is available to purchase, it’s Flocked Sponge.

This sponge is latex-free and it gives much fuller coverage. I have not used the sponge by Lily Lolo however, I have tried sponges that are similar, to use setting powder and mineral powder and I always get a very flawless finish.

If you want to have a coverage with a much higher opaque finish then, I’ll surely suggest you to use a sponge instead of kabuki brush. In my opinion it’s better to have both brush and sponge to achieve a finish that’s more perfect. A bigger-size of kabuki brush is also available. 

lili lolo mineral foundation

Review of Finishing Powder by Lily Lolo:

lili lolo Finishing Powder
Lily Lolo Finishing Powder

 I bought some samples of Finishing Powder by Lily Lolo in Translucent Silk and Flawless Silk and. They are good for normal skin to dry skin. Flawless Matte Setting Powder is also available which is for oilier skin – it possess oil absorbing properties. 

I like the two setting powders that I bought. They are simply the most silky and soft setting powders I’ve ever used! And I’ve used many fromGOSH, GOSH to Hourglass, Shiseido, Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (associate link), they are great pressed powders out there but too expensive! 

Finishing Powder by Lily Lolo (continued):

Flawless Silk by Lily Lolo is a setting powder that has a hint of colour. It has a peachy glow which becomes a great highlighter. However, Translucent Silk is a whitish powder which gives skin a beautiful silk finish. I like the translucent Silk a lot and have ordered it’s bigger size.

According to me older skin kinds would love Lily Lolo’s setting powder a lot. Because they are very finely grinded they do not be in the fine lines or highlight pores. Both of them perform a good job at perfecting and blurring the skin and having makeup set all day.

Review of Naked Pink Cheek Duo (it’s a blusher) by Lily Lolo:

Lily Lolo Naked Pink Cheek Duo

I have recently bought Naked Pink Cheek Duo which is a blusher by Lily Lolo. It’s an amazing mineral blusher that’s natural. I love that blushes are in pressed form and not in the loose form as I make a mess with powders in loose form!

Matte pink blush is pink with mid-tone that’s perfect for fair skin tones. It looks natural and fresh when applied on skin. If you want a dash of colour or much intense colour by applying some more layers yet it will not give a powdery look.

The other one has a pink shimmer which gives an amazing glow and it looks as if it’s a highlighter. 

The two shades of Naked Pink Cheek Duo are easy to blend, and give a natural look(however, build-able), it also stays all day long on the combination of skin that I have (which is normal on my skin).

 Review of BB Cream from Lily Lolo:

Lily Lolo BB Cream

  I purchased a sample pack of BB Cream from Lily Lolo in the shade Fair. It’s sample is a little sachet however, sufficient product is present that can last some days. Recently I enjoy applying  lighter bases such as the BB cream by Skin79.

Skin79 gives a better coverage when compared to BB cream from Lily Lolo. BB cream from Lily Lolo do have a lighter coverage which assists to the complexion to even out and thereby, it gives a healthier finish to skin.

BB cream from Lily Lolo is filled with awesome ingredients that helps tone, nourish and hydrates the skin. This BB cream also has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

I loved the BB cream from Lily Lolo, once my Skin79 BB cream finishes I’ll surely buy BB cream from Lily Lolo. It’s very light-coverage and lightweight  cream which looks pretty the whole day and it’s also beneficial for your skin. 

Swatch of BB cream from Lily Lolo in the shade fair:

Sculpt & Glow Contour Kit-

Sculpt and Glow Kit

It’s also a kit with 2 products in 1! There is a luminizer on one side and contour bronzer on the other side. Both of them are in the form of powder. I used the bronzer on my face where otherwise used contour. Right from upper forehead, to the cheek bone, neck area and sides of nose.

The color that it gives, which isn’t orange but a tan/bronzed color, which I like. The luminizer was also great! I use it where I highlight like on the bridge of the nose, below the eyebrow, upper cheek bone, in the middle of upper eyebrows also in the centre of chin plus at Cupid ’s bow. I got a pretty glow which was at all loud. This kit is perfect for contouring! This is also a nice deal! I have used Coralista Cheek Duo by Lily Lolo too and just loved it. 

Eyelid Primer-

Eyelid Primer

It is also 2 products in 1. It gives a nice base for the eye shadows and neutralizes discoloration in dark patches near the eyes.  They can even be used together! I used translucent powder on my lid before using eyelid primer so that my eyelids appear oily naturally and the consistency of primer is oily too. After the powder I used the eyelid primer. Then I dabbed some using my finger. A beautiful neutral canvas was created for the eye shadows to stick to. This made them pop up!  I used a little lemon shade near my eyes, specifically  below the eyes to remove the darkness and make eyes stand out.  Natural Eye Liner Pencil

Pedal to the Metal Eye Pallete:

Pedal to the Metal Eye Pallete


I have wanted to use this palette for a long time!  I got really excited after getting one! Getting 8 colored eye shadow in just one palette is what I absolutely love. There’s no need for any other palette! It’s also an amazing mixture of eye shadow colors. Lily Lolo also has many color palettes to select from for instance if this color is not suitable for you. This particular palette does contain nudes, matte colors, even some smoky and shimmer colors. I enjoyed applying different types. The eye shadows can also be used easily. Many eyeshadows can get on the lid, they are truly fail proof.

But they are not very pigmented if I compare it to some shadows used by me so, for me it’s easy to use them. They can be easily blended and it looks as if you really know what you are doing, even if you really don’t! It’s good to wear daily or dressing can even transit very easily with the help of this palette. It’s a must have in the make-up bag of green beauty. 

Natural Eye Liner Pencil in Brown-

Natural Eye Liner Pencil

This traditional eye liner in the form of pencil is to be sharpened . It moves on easily and smoothly.  I love its consistency.  I used it on both the lower as well as on the upper lash lines. Although I used a translucent powder so that my lids stay oily, if I do not do that it’ll go by afternoon! After using it I even added some brown shadow.  I got a beautiful brown smokey look using this pencil. I got overwhelmed by the look I got. In the image below I can be seen wearing this on upper and lower lash lines. 

Is Mica Ethical or not?

Mica is a natural mineral which is used heavily in makeup. It provides a beautiful shimmer and glow when it is used on skin, that’s the reason it’s popular.

Main issue with mica is to mine it children are used. Companies like Lily Lolo that possess certificates say that the mica they use is sourced ethically and government regulations are followed in mines.

Another issue is that the supply chain becomes too muddied thus, it becomes almost impossible to separate illegal mining with legal. This article by Vogue has explained a few complexities of mining mica.

If are cautious of purchasing from companies who possess certificates of proof then, you should try an amazing setting powder by Lush which is made by synthetic mica named Emotional Brilliance. An article on mica by Lush is also there which explains the reason they shifted to synthetic mica from ethical natural mica. 

After using powder by Lily Lolo I’ll buy Emotional Brilliance by Lush. It sounds ethical and it is also a powder that gives great finishing!

Summing up Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup:

Mineral foundation by Lily Lolo is my absolute favorite foundation which is in the form of powder. I like it more than Bare Minerals (still, I like BareMinerals Mineral Veil, which is a good powder). Lily Lolo’s powder is very soft and silky that blends really easily on skin. Moreover, it can last a whole day.

 If you want to try a novel mineral makeup brand I’ll suggest you to give Lily Lilo a try. Every product that is reviewed here in this article will suit vegans. However, there are some products such as some lipsticks and eye shadows that are not vegan friendly because of the presence of carmine.

All the products used by me till now are brilliant. Thus, if you want to try a makeup brand that’s ethical and the products that’ll be gentle on the skin then try Lily Lolo!

Frequently Asked Questions:

🔥Which cosmetic brand is the safest?

Lily Lolo which is a London based mineral cosmetic brand because its focus is on naturally obtained and clean ingredients

👉Which makeup brand is the healthiest?

Healthiest cosmetic brands are-RMS Beauty, Kjaer Weiss, Honest Beauty, Ilia, Juice Beauty, Lawless, Vapour Beauty, 100% Pure.

👍Mineral makeup is better for the skin or not?

Mineral makeup is more safe than typical traditional makeup. Because it doesn't have any chemicals, synthetic fragrances or dyes of other cosmetics and thus, is skin friendly.

✅Are Bare Minerals free from cruelty?

YES, because it's a makeup brand that is cruelty-free this also has a few vegan products.

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